Bucks add solid veteran power forward

Reportedly the Bucks have signed free agent journeyman power center Drew Gooden. 

Over the last three seasons, Gooden has posted a cumulative MWS48 of -0.27, which is above the median for players who played the position of power forward, and well above the median for backup centers.  His numbers appear to suggest he is a better producer at the power forward position.

Gooden is well-traveled.  He has played for six teams in the last three seasons alone.  In that time he has produced 10.7 wins and 12.1 losses (.469%).

The signing of Gooden appears to be another sign that the Bucks intend to build a base of solid .500% winning percentage veterans around center Andrew Bogut and PG Brandon Jennings, and hope that the two will improve to the point that they can carry the Bucks into championship contention.


One Response to “Bucks add solid veteran power forward”

  1. Houston Says:

    I like the addition of Gooden. This definitely addresses one of the team’s biggest weakness from last year, as Gooden is a proven big man scoring threat. The Bucks should be improved, and they were already a pretty good team in the last half of the past season.

    But it appears we are overpaying, at least in total dollars committed over the length of the contract. I just don’t like the cost and potential future salary cap impact. Shouldn’t a journeyman player like Gooden, looking for stability, be willing to take LESS money for a long term contract with an up and coming young team?

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