Bucks are overspending in the middle (aged) market

Reportedly the Bucks have offered SG John Salmons 5 years and $39 million.  They just picked up Corey Maggette’s big contract, and yesterday signed Drew Gooden. 

All of these guys are solid players, but not worth multi-season deals, and not worth the money the Bucks will reportedly be spending on them. 

Salmons will be a 35 year old shooting guard when his reported deal is finished, should he accept it.  35 year old slashing shooting guards are a rare breed, and not because they are good.  Because they are generally drummed out of the Association at 32.

Salmons performance with the Bucks last spring, as I’ve documented, was out-of-line with his career production.  A smart team, a team invested with people who utilize analytics and objective analysis, would know this.  The Bucks are paying a guy according to a blip on his resume rather than the entirety of his resume.

And apparently they don’t check birth certificates.


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