Who’s Bucks backup point guard and who’s minutes get a haircut?

I was just trying to figure out minutes next season for the Milwaukee Bucks  based upon recent playing time for each member of the team (and based on average playing time for 15th picks for Larry Sanders).  Someone is taking a haircut.  I’m already within 100 of the average team total minutes, and I haven’t slotted anyone as a backup point guard.

Who’s minutes will get cut?  Probably Moute and Delfino and CDR.

But who will play backup point guard?  According to 82games.com, the only players on the roster who have had any experience at the point are CDR and, believe it or not, Carlos Delfino (but that was several seasons ago).

I guess CDR is the likeliest candidate, but he’s not an ideal fit.  He played, I believe, small forward in college.  He’s okay as far as turnovers, but is he a playmaker?  Last season he averaged only 2.5 assists per 48 minutes, well below the point guard norm of 8.6 assists per 48.

The Bucks must have something else up their sleeves.  Perhaps they will resign Ridnour.  But then his minutes will further squeeze the minutes of players already on the roster.  Something must give.


One Response to “Who’s Bucks backup point guard and who’s minutes get a haircut?”

  1. Blake Says:

    I’ve heard we might trade Ilyasova or Mbah a Moute…I hope that doesn’t happen.

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