Bucks scoring offense vs. scoring defense

Here’s a comparison of each Milwaukee Bucks 2009-10 “True Shooting Percentage” versus the “True Shooting Percentage” the player allowed his counterpart opponent, according to 82games.com.  In essence this is a measure of each player’s efficient scoring produced versus his efficient scoring allowed.  You can see from the numbers how heavily dependent the Bucks were on creating possessions.  Without the extra possessions they would not have finished over .500%.

Bucks TSP vs. TSPallowed

1. Corey Maggette
.597% vs .516% (+0.081)
2. John Salmons
.544% vs .507% (+0.037)
3. Carlos Delfino
.521% vs .510% (+0.011)
4. Andrew Bogut
.532% vs .543% (-0.011)
5. Luc Richard Moute
.520% vs. .540% (-0.020)
6. Drew Gooden
.537% vs. .563% (-0.026)
7. Brandon Jennings
.469% vs .502% (-0.033)
8. Ersan Ilyasova
.519% vs .556% (-0.037)
9. Chris Douglas-Roberts
.504% vs .558% (-0.054)


As you can see, most of the returning Bucks had a one-on-one scoring deficit.  The Bucks made up for it with their rebounding and their turnover margin.  For the season, as a team, the Bucks were .511% vs .527%.

The NBA average True Shooting Percentage last season was .534%, so you can see the Bucks were below average at converting scoring possessions into points, but above average at preventing their opponents from doing the same (even when you factor in all the free throws they gave up).

As you can also see, the team’s two best scorer, Maggette and Salmons, are also their best scoring defenders.  The weakness in each player’s game has traditionally been creating possessions, turnovers, and playmaking.

Its ironic that so many people rave about Brandon Jennings offense and question his defense.  It ought to be the other way around!  Jennings is a terrific on the ball defender, but a terrible scorer.  He scores by using high volume of possessions, which is not conducive to winning basketball.

A slight defense of Ilyasova and Moute.  Each player’s TSPallowed is much better at his natural position, particularly for Ilyasova.  Ilyasova was a decent defender against Power Forwards, but horrible against centers, who had a TSPallowed of .735% against him.  This is why I think Ilyasova’s win production should go up… he won’t have to play center this season.  Moute, on  the other hand, may be a bit overrated as an on-the-ball defender.  Delfino, by contrast, is probably grossly underrated as a defender.  He is very good.

The numbers suggest that both CDR and Drew Gooden will have to step up their defense, and their offense for that matter.

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