It can’t be Cleveland now… can it??

The King is playing this free agency deal to the hilt.  Yesterday he gets on Twitter (@KingJames), last night we find out he’s going to do the whole “Is it this hat or that one?” ceremony that he never got to do in high school live on ESPN.

With all this build-up, he can’t possibly be going back to Cleveland, can he?  How lame would that be??! 

“I’m announcing my return to the Cavaliers”

No way!  He’s walkin’.  Hopefully out of the Bucks division.  For some reason my gut tells me the soon to be “Brooklyn Nets” have the inside track.  That’s based upon nothing.  I guess the smart money would be behind the Bulls.


8 Responses to “It can’t be Cleveland now… can it??”

  1. brgulker Says:

    I hate LBJ. Arrogant SOB. Boycott for the win!

  2. Alvy Says:

    Okay, so with Wade and Bosh at MIA, where do you think LeBron goes?

  3. Blake Says:

    If LBJ goes anywhere other then Chicago the superstars will have officially screwed the Bulls, I love it.

  4. palamida Says:

    Hmm… a little weird.
    I too, without anything concrete behind it have a feeling LBJ is Nets bound.
    We’ll find out soon enough.

    Chi just signed Boozer. Smart money really has to be on them:

    The knicks? that’s just too obvious to be true and they really don’t have anyone he can contend with. I mean what can they offer him now?
    Amare, J.J, Bosh, Wade and now Boozer – the “elite” FA’s are all somewhere else. Whom are they signing with their 2nd max slot? I mean from LBJ’s perspective, not mine… I can’t see him going there.
    Mia? I don’t think Lebron’s ego would allow him to play with Wade, but maybe he’ll surprise me there (and give up money in the process).

    the Cavs, like u said, you don’t do a special to stay with the Cavs.
    So that leaves the Bulls and the Nets.

    Bulls- Certainly a contender (in his mind I mean):
    Rose\Noah\Boozer\ and Deng who’ll be traded for a floor spreading SG, plus the MJ legacy, etc… Smart money, right?
    However, he was told that his “crew” can’t have their way in the Bulls organization and I thing that does matter to him, meaning : “doing right by his people”.

    The Nets on the other hand: Lopez\Harris\Favors\Amare – more cap room, the new owner who I think LBJ is crazy about, Jay-Z, Brooklyn, Freedom to do as he pleases with guarantees that money will never be an issue (which incidentally is another sticking point with the Bulls, meaning: their willingness to spend).
    We’ll find out soon enough, but my gut also points to the Nets.

  5. Derek Smalls Says:

    Hello Cleveland!!!

    James would win the Jack-Ass of the Year award if he dissed Cleveland by announcing his decision so publically! He’s made a fool of himself already during this circus and his image (which makes him more money than an NBA contract) would be irreversibly damaged if he announces anywhere but Cleveland tomorrow night.

    Hands down, James will be back in Cleveland next year!

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