Big monster in South Beach could get bigger

Not only did the Heat add LeBron James tonight, which almost certainly makes them an  instant championship level team, I also saw that the Heat made an offer to the wildly underrated SG/SF Mike Miller.  If they fill out their roster properly, with undervalued so-called “low usage” players, they are going to be an absolute monster.  People will think I’m being sarcastic but I assure you I’m not.

In the past three seasons, with three different teams, I have Miller posting winning percentages of .794%, .821%, and .799%.  That is consistency.

If he’s healthy, he’ll eat up about 9.5 game responsibilities and produce about 8.0 wins.

So, I already calculated the “Large 3” eating up 36 games and producing about 38.9 wins.  Now you add Miller (if that’s true) and you’ve got about 45.5 games eaten and 46.9 wins.  You’re already at 46.9 wins and you’ve still got 36.5 game responsibilities left.

If you just put a replacement team around those four, you should theoretically get around 60 wins, easy.  And if Miami is smart and adds an undervalued, low usage, high possession creating, defensive center to the mix… whoa.


2 Responses to “Big monster in South Beach could get bigger”

  1. TC from Racine Says:

    well, one thing’s certain: those blowout wins the Bucks got over the Heat this past season are gonna be a thing of the past. All they need is a Rondo-type point guard that the media will endlessly disrespect for a couple years despite possibly outperforming Bosh. Kidding aside, the Heat could be very scary with the right supporting cast.

  2. Blake Says:

    Glad it’s a two-way race between the Bucks and the Bulls now.

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