Gordon Hayward producing well in summer league

There were questions whether Utah Jazz SF Gordon Hayward would be the next Adam Morrison.  For various reasons, I didn’t think he would be, but you never know.  So far he shows no signs of that.

Hayward is producing a Win Score of 11.56 per 48 minutes, very high for a perimeter player, even a small forward, which is the projected position for the former Butler Bulldog (NBA SF avg: 7.50). 

Hayward’s showing a very clean and efficient offensive game.  His True Shooting Percentage through 70 minutes is a mighty .707%.  He has scored 29 points while using only 20.5 scoring possessions.

His possession creation numbers could stand some improvement, but they’re not terrible.  He is creating 5.7 possessions per 48 minutes.  The NBA average for small forwards is about 6.0, but remember this is summer league competition, so you should be outperforming NBA averages.

When it comes to “helpfuls” (.5Ass + .5Blks – .5PFs) he’s doing okay as well.  He’s at about +0.5 per 48.  The average NBA SF produces +0.2 per 48.

So its “so far, so good” for Gordon Hayward in the Orlando Summer League.

Not so for Evan Turner, though.  I’ll delve into that in another post.

4 Responses to “Gordon Hayward producing well in summer league”

  1. Mike Smith Says:

    Gordon Hayward is Awesome

  2. Chris Says:

    Great read. This is the first time I came across your blog. Love the analytical breakdown. Keep up the good work.

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