An horrendous pro debut for Larry Sanders

Wow… what a bad beginning for Larry Sanders.

Sanders  recorded -5.5 Win Score points in 33 minutes of action.  I cannot really point to anything he did well, either.  He stopped rebounding and blocking shots after I wrote my last post at the 19 minute mark.  But he kept missing shots, turning the ball over, and committing fouls.

He better get better.

Should Tiny be worried?

Tiny Gallon actually had a productive debut.  The problem for him is it was incredibly brief.  Should he take this as a sign?

If the Bucks had him in their plans, why would they give minutes to a bunch of guys who have no chance of making the roster and give only 6 minutes to Tiny?


3 Responses to “An horrendous pro debut for Larry Sanders”

  1. Nigel Tufnel Says:

    Sanders simply has no post game but somehow got the ball in the post again and again. He has a nice jumper, can block shots and can rebound well enough I think. Take away all of his post touches and (he won’t see any plays run for him if he makes the team) and he has fewer turn overs and fewer forced shots. 15 minutes of court time to hit the 15-18 footer, block shots, run the floor w/ Jennings and rebound … these things, once a bit more settled, i feel he will be able to do very well. His role will be completely different if he makes the team and would prefer to see him in this same role (though more minutes of course) during summer leauge … save developing his post game during practice since he has such a long way to go in that dept.

    • tywill33 Says:

      Good analysis! Keep me posted on what you see!

    • palamida Says:

      Nigel, the Bucks selected Sanders with the 15th pick which means he secured a guaranteed contract, so it’s not really about “if he makes the team”… He’s on the roster, already.

      Tiny Gallon… That’s a diff matter, we’ll have to see if the Bucks offer him a contract, they probably won’t – and they probably should, but that’s kind of the state of the NBA today, in a nutshell – isn’t it?

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