Bucks Sanders struggling in summer debut

How is the Milwaukee Bucks first round draft pick doing in Las Vegas?  So far, in the words of Broadway Joe, he’s “strugahlinggg” (Western PA phonetic spelling).

We knew Sanders had a rudimentary offensive game.  Check.  He’s 2 for 9.  We knew he’s foul prone.  Check.  He’s on a 7+ per 48 foul pace.  But he’s also doing good things.

We thought he would be a good rebounder.  Check.  He’s got six in 19 minutes.  We thought he’d be a shot blocker.  Check.  He’s already got three.

But what we didn’t think was that he had a turnover problem.  Let’s hope his four turnovers in 19 minutes is an aberration.  When you’re game relies on possession creation, you cannot be a turnover machine.

UPDATE: Sanders is like the national debt!  While I wrote that post he missed two more shots, committed another foul, and another turnover.  And he only has 2 blocks, not 3.


One Response to “Bucks Sanders struggling in summer debut”

  1. Blake Says:

    He’s extremely raw on the offensive end of the floor, and one thing I have hated so far is that sometimes he shy’s away from contact. He needs to go up stronger when he gets the ball underneath the hoop. But I can personally vouch that at least 2 of those turnovers are from bad passes, seeing as we don’t have a quality point on the roster I’m not surprised.

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