Coach Cassell! Are you kidding??

I’ve officially seen it all.  The last player I ever expected to end up on the sidelines apparently has. 

I provide you with visual evidence (above) that Sam Cassell may be entering the ranks of wanna-be coaches.   The photo shows him in what appears to be a coaching capacity.  Now, I haven’t confirmed that, and for all I know he may have come out of the stands to ask John Wall for directions to the pancake place featured in the movie Swingers, but I doubt it.

Good for you, Sam.


3 Responses to “Coach Cassell! Are you kidding??”

  1. Blake Says:

    He’s been the PG coach of the Wizards since last year…lol

  2. TC from Racine Says:

    honestly, I figure it’s nly a matter of time before Sam I Am’s a head coach somewhere…now the Big Dog, I’d be amazed if I heard he was coaching anywhere.

    • tywill33 Says:

      Could you imagine the Big Dog as a coach?? With his long drawl the team would miss most of the second half of games because he couldnt finish his halftime speech. (“Okaaaaay…feeeellllllaaaaasss…. we neeeeeeed to re-bound the baaaaallllllll…”) LOL

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