Michael Beasley’s major malfunction, and how it can be fixed

Last week, in the wake of the LeBron James fiasco, the Minnesota Timberwolves received the second choice in the 2008 NBA Draft, SF/PF Michael Beasley, for nothing. 

Based on his phenomenal collegiate production, I thought Michael Beasley had a chance to be the biggest win contributor out of that draft.  There’s a reason, though, that he was made available.  He has grossly underproduced.

The first reason, obviously, is his rebounding.  In college he averaged 18.8 rebounds per 48 minutes, and he’s only produced 55% of that number in the NBA. 

But another reason, and one more in his control, is his poor shot selection.

Despite being a very good finisher at the rim, the best shot available, Beasley for some reason prefers to take the worst shots available — two point jumpers from 18-23 feet.  I call those shots “no man’s land” shots.  Those are the shots Beasley overwhelmingly prefers. 

According to Hoopdata, no power forward who played at least 25 minutes per game, other than Dirk Nowitzki,  took as many shots per minute from No Man’s Land as Beasley did.

The kicker is, he’s not accurate from outside 18 feet.  He’s way below average among power forwards when it comes to shots that are taken from outside 18 feet. 

Yet he’s well above average at everything inside that range.  If someone in Minnesota can get to him and get him to concentrate on being primarily an inside player, the Timberwolves could possibly have found a diamond in the rough.


4 Responses to “Michael Beasley’s major malfunction, and how it can be fixed”

  1. robbieomalley Says:

    Predicting Beasley’s minutes or position this year is going to be tough. The rest of the Wolves as well.

    The only position that is reasonably certain is center. Milicic is going to start. They signed that foreign guy who will probably be the primary back up and then Hollins will have whatever is left over.

    If I were the Wolves I would start Beasley at SF and bring Wes Johnson off the bench. Beas has more NBA experience and is actually younger. They also have Webster and Brewer at the wing. It’s a big logjam there now.

    You could play him at PF but Kevin Love should get at least 36 minutes per game if they know what they’re doing. They also have to deal with whatever parts they get in return for Al Jefferson.

  2. tywill33 Says:

    Yeah I was thinking about that… they’ve got about five guys who are difficult to position or determine how they will be used.

    But, are you being serious about Milicic? Why do they like him so much?

    The best they can hope for with him is that he puts on massive amounts of weight and becomes an inside anchor like what happened to Arvydas Sabonis.

    Actually that doesn’t make sense.

  3. palamida Says:

    And in another “great” move by Kahn I read a report which stated that the T-Wolves are big on Ridnour and want to offer him something like 16M\4 yrs.
    Sounds reasonable, right?
    Only caveat is that to do so, he’s shopping Sessions, that is – as a salary dump, meaning if a team can absorb his contract, he can be had.
    Btw, Cousins unimpressive so far in his SL debut as well, but he’ll be just fine :p

    Whiteside on the other hand, is doing exactly what you would expect of this freakishly long super elite shot blocker – 5 Blks and 5 rebs in 26 mins.

    • tywill33 Says:

      Palamida, I do not get their strategy… I just do not. Its my nephew’s favorite team, and their success doesn’t affect the Bucks, so I wish they’d get their shit together. It looks like they’re intent on going backwards.

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