Reality Check: How effective was John Wall’s summer debut?

Anytime you see a headline touting a player’s point total, you should ask yourself “What’s behind those numbers?” 

Point totals don’t win basketball games.  Efficient scoring and possession and repossession of the basketball do. 

John Wall’s 24 point debut in the Vegas Summer League was a lot less than meets the eye for several reasons.  One is his huge amount of turnovers (8).  The second is that his shooting from the field was not that strong (7-15, although I note that he showed a strong ability to get to the line and make free throws.).  Third is that his possession creation statistics were not there, mainly because he recorded only 2 rebounds in 33 minutes.

All in all then, he posted a below average debut Win Score of 4.36 per 48 minutes.  I projected him next season at around 6.01 per 48.   I think the turnovers were a bit of an aberration, although his college “turnovers per at-risk possession” percentage suggests he will struggle in that area.

NOTE: If you are in the 0.001% of the population who likes my style of writing, and if you like American football, I started a second blog called “City Stadium” which I will be posting on from time to time.   It will mainly concern the Green Bay Packers.

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