The NBA salary cap is a joke

Somehow the Miami Heat have managed to sign three prime free agents to max deals, and still they have found money left in their pockets to sign the underrated productive duo of Mike Miller and Udonis Haslem.  WTF????  I thought there was a salary cap in the NBA… isn’t there?

I know, I know, they finessed the cap with “sign and trades” and “mid-level exceptions” or whatever ridiculous other loophole exceptions exist in that poorly drawn Rube Goldbergesque CBA.  That’s my point — the salary cap is a joke.

And if you can’t tell, I’ve had it with the stupid salary cap.  I want it gone, now!  Its accomplished nothing… zero.  Except confused the fuck out of everyone.

Was it meant to produce parity?  As I documented before, the NBA is far more stratified today than it was when the salary cap came into play.  Was it meant to allow small markets to compete on level ground for free agents?  The Bucks are basically bidding — and still having to overpay for — the very kind of mid level free agents they’d be restricted to if there was no cap.

Has it kept labor costs at a sensible level?  aaaaaaa, oh excuse that typo, I just went into convulsive laughter.

What the hell has it done?  The guy from Harvard makes a compelling case that it LED to the LeBron-Dwyane-Bosh partnership!

I hate it!

The Association needs to go to pure revenue sharing and no salary cap.

It’ll never happen.

8 Responses to “The NBA salary cap is a joke”

  1. Chicago Tim Says:

    And if it does happen, the NBA will still have imbalanced competition. There aren’t enough great players to go around, and there are too many imcompetent GMs and owners.

    • tywill33 Says:

      You are ABSOLUTELY correct! The only thing that ever produced parity in the NBA was the merger with the ABA and the consequent dispersal draft… that parity lasted three seasons — and fans hated it!!

  2. palamida Says:

    Ty, personally i’m not a fan of the salary cap in any shape or form but in this particular case, I don’t think the cap’s limitations had anything to do with the matter.
    Fact is all 3 players took less money than the max. In a market where teams overspend (as you discussed just recently) and pay max money to guys like Amare, (not to mention Rudy Gay), “somehow” 3 superstars, of whom two would get max contracts at any team of their choice and CB4 who probably would have commanded similar wages – all signed in the span of a couple of days for one team – all taking less money. This is a clear case of collusion. The Raptors and Cavs declared that they have no intention of pursuing the matter further using legal means and that’s a damn shame.
    If the cap exists, it’s rules must be enforced. The trio knew that everyone (and that includes everyone!) would realize exactly what went down here but that no one would do anything about it.
    They were right, and this clear act of collusion probably earns them a couple of rings.
    So yeah, The cap is ludicrous and it has been demonstrated over and over again that it cannot achieve the goals it’s meant to achieve, meaning – parity.

    However, The Miami trio cheated, and I for one do not blame the “cap”; The blame lies on the players (and their agents working with them and the Miami organization) who colluded so blatantly (I mean c’mon… that was the plan all along and they all knew it – that reeks), and in Stern and Co. who can’t or won’t enforce their own laws and regulations.
    Say you’re Donnie Walsh, or Dolan for that matter – PR aside, would you not sue?
    I for one -would.

  3. JoeHova Says:

    who ever said that it’s against the rules for players to want to play on the same team? I don’t get how that can be termed collusion at all. There is no rule on the books that says players can’t all agree to take less money to play on a given team.

    • tywill33 Says:

      Are you saying I disagree with that? I don’t. Its the whole Orwellian nature of the salary cap that I don’t like.

      The argument the guy from HSA was making was if there were no “max salary” then LeBron would certainly have been offered something closer to the market rate for his services. And if the market for Joe Johnson is the maximum amount, then LeBron probably would have been offered double that.

      What the author was suggesting was that a “sacrifice” that large would never have been made.

      • JoeHova Says:

        My fault, I was replying to palamida, not you. Sorry, I hit the wrong reply button. I agree with what the guy you linked to said about max salaries allowing this kind of thing to happen.

    • palamida Says:

      Didn’t read the link so can’t comment about that.
      regarding -“Who said…”:
      Well, the trio met according to reports in Miami well before July 1st to discuss the upcoming Fa period.
      In the simplest terms – they are not allowed to do that!
      I would imagine they all relayed the views of their prospective agents, and devised a “plan of attack; Under the current cap rules, If the Heat resign Wade and Haslem first – they do not have the room to sign Bosh and LBJ; they need to sign them first and then use their “bird rights” to sign Wade and Haslem. They obviously knew that all along. It’s safe to assume this was all pre-arranged, and that all players and the Heat organization knew exactly what’s coming, when and how.
      all these deliberations and devising took place well before July 1st and if in fact that’s the case – that is a clear violation of the rules.

      Are three players allowed to sit at a diner, let’s say post July 1s and say:
      “Hey, why don’t we all take less money and play together?”
      I suppose so, but it’d be very naive to think that’s he way it went down.
      I doubt any of them really knows his way around the CBA, and I doubt this was a spur of the moment thing – this was planned.
      I guess 15 years from now we’ll read about it in LBJ’s autobiography :p
      For now, for obvious reasons – they’ll keep those dealings to themselves, but I think it’s a very safe assumption that at least some regulations were violated to achieve this feat.

      • D Says:

        I think there was some collusion here as well. I mean, c’mon, didn’t Cuban get fined for talking about Lebron’s FA before July 1st? But these guys are allowed to talk about what team their going to play for before that date? But, alas, I have a gut feeling egos will get in the way of this “Super Team” and they won’t be as successful as everyone thinks they will be. Maybe not this year, but sometime in the next 4-5 years.

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