Huge bounceback for Sanders, Gallon

Maybe it was just an issue with his scope, like on that dumb History channel show that’s basically Survivor with guns.

Last night Larry Sanders couldn’t make a hoop if he was sitting on the rim.  Tonight he’s burying 3 pointers.

Big night for himself and fellow rookie Tiny Gallon, against basically an NBA lineup (a bad one, albeit) from Memphis.  Sanders recorded 17.17 WS48 while Gallon recorded a 12.13. Sanders thoroughly outplayed his counterpart Hasheem Thabeet.

Both showed a pretty good rebounding instinct also.  Tiny grabbed an incredible 11 rebounds in 22 minutes.  I just think he can be a monster on the boards.  But he has to cure his ridiculous turnover problem.  Tonight he somehow committed six on only six “at-risk” possessions.  That’s almost impossibly bad.  How is he doing it?  Is he just drop kicking the ball?

Sanders bugaboo is fouling.   But that’s gonna be a problem all season.  We may have to deal with it.

One Response to “Huge bounceback for Sanders, Gallon”

  1. palamida Says:

    So many moves throughout the league these past couple of days…
    I really can’t fathom the thinking process behind 90% of them.

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