How much worse can Daniel Orton play?

I’m calculating Summer League Win Scores for players I am interested in evaluating.  I calculated former Kentucky C Daniel Orton’s numbers only because, in the run-up to the Draft, I could not believe he was seriously being considered for a first round selection.

Indeed, he was selected in the first round by the Orlando Magic.  And on draft night the Van Gundy brothers were raving about his potential.

Well, so far he’s keeping it very well hidden.  He is just butt-ass awful.  In 86 minutes of action he has produced -25 Win Score points.  Unbelievable accomplishment.  His WS48 calculates at a robust -13.95.  That is only, ohh, 25 or so WS points per 48 below the NBA average for centers.

But here’s the beauty.  You can’t even trust him on the floor because he has no shame.  Somehow he has hoisted up 27 shots despite missing an unbelievable 23 of them!  Have you no conscience, sir??

Yeah, he was a great pick.  I’d be surprised if he produces one net win in his entire career.


One Response to “How much worse can Daniel Orton play?”

  1. coachbean Says:

    The fact that Orton gets a chance, and guys like Darko get chance after chance is why thinking fans hate the majority NBA decision makers, and why a guy like Bill Simmons is more than qualified to be an NBA GM. Remember of course that Orton was drafted by the same GM that gave Rashard Lewis $100+ million, the idiocy never ceases to amaze me.

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