Final Summer League numbers

The Summer League season came to an end… mercifully for most of the newcomers.  Between the Orlando and Vegas schedules, only one rookie prospect really stood out, and that was Butler’s Gordon Hayward.

The guy I said was a “Can’t Miss”, kind of missed.  DeMarcus Cousins of Kentucky showed this summer he’s got some issues with efficient scoring, shot selection, and ball protection that he needs to work out.  His final Win Score per 48 was terrible.

If you notice also, after I raved about Tiny Gallon of the Bucks he completely went into the tank.  I mean completely.  His final WS48 is horrific.  Good start, horrible finish for the Tiny man. 

John Wall, the number one draft pick, did okay.  Bare in mind, however, I never said he was a bad player, I just said he projected as — at best — a slightly above average player.  I questioned why he was such an undisputed choice for the number one pick.

In a relative sense, Greg Monroe of the Pistons did a bit better than I would have foreseen.  Luke Harangody of the Celtics did much better.  Beyond that, its basically a wasteland. 

Below I provide the player’s unadjusted Win Scores, but I provide them according to backcourt/frontcourt. 

Frontcourt players

1. Gordon Hayward…(14.84)
2. Luke Harangody…(11.57)
3. Patrick Patterson…(9.70)
4. Greg Monroe…(8.31)
5. Larry Sanders…(8.14)
6. Jarvis Varnado…(7.80)
7. Luke Babbitt…(6.60)
8. Dereck Caracter…(6.03)
9. Damian James…(5.66)
10. Hassan Whiteside…(5.14)
11. Derrick Favors…(4.35)
12. DeMarcus Cousins…(2.83)
13. Quincy Pondexter…(1.85)
14. Al Farouq Aminu…(1.43)
15. Tiny Gallon…(0.99)
16. Daniel Orton…(-15.13)

Backcourt Players

1. John Wall…(6.52)
2. Evan Turner…(4.55)
3. Wesley Johnson…(2.19)
4. Eric Bledsoe…(-1.53)

5 Responses to “Final Summer League numbers”

  1. Owen Says:

    I am a Jazz fan and hope that Gordon will be a player for the Jazz. I am glad to hear that he tops your list. How do you calculate these numbers and what do they tell the average fan like me?

  2. brgulker Says:

    I was blown away by how poorly Turner and Cousins performed. I’m guessing it will prove to be an aberration for both, sample size and all else considered.

  3. palamida Says:

    Off topic (as usual :p) –
    Dooling and Jon Brockman are headed your way, how do u like them apples?

  4. Alvy Says:

    Hell ya Caracter!

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