Statistical Profiles for Dooling and Brockman

Apparently the Milwaukee Bucks have acquired New Jersey Nets PG Keyon Dooling and are n the verge of acquiring Sacramento’s Jon Brockman.

If you click on this sentence you can see a full statistical profile for each player, along with a comparison of their counterparts and the average player at their position.


Dooling appears to be a downgrade from former Bucks backup PG Luke Ridnour.  Dooling’s defense is okay, but his offensive production stinks.  He doesn’t shoot very well, he doesn’t pass enough, and he doesn’t rebound at all.  He’s fairly safe with the ball, and he’s an average 3 point shooter.  His production has been a bit better the last three seasons mainly because he’s improved his shooting.


I like Brockman.  He’s a rugged player and yet another highly productive rebounder.  But I don’t get where he fits.  Who’s headed out the door if he’s headed in?  I guess we’ll find out.

As for his on the court numbers, he shows a lot of promise.  Once he normalizes his foul rate, which was a typically (for a rookie big man) ridiculous 8.4 per 48, and provided he hangs onto or improves his other numbers, he could be quite a productive player off the bench.

It appears his on-the-ball defense may need some Skilization, though, as his Counterpart True Shooting % was too high last season at nearly 59%.

And although his turnovers appear low, for the number of possessions he used they’re a touch high.  But that’s nitpicking.

Again, I like Brockman.  I think he’s a more than serviceable player.  And he shows the possibility of producing wins off the bench.  But this must mark the end of Tiny Gallon’s opportunities.  Although, Tiny didn’t really earn his keep in the Summer League.   We’ll see what happens, I guess.


5 Responses to “Statistical Profiles for Dooling and Brockman”

  1. Ryan Says:

    I don’t know what’s going to give yet, can’t really see a 12-man rotation (not counting Gallon or Hobson) with a bunch of guys getting by on 18 minutes. Trying to speculate how many minutes everyone should see, I can’t get the total below 260, much less down to 240.

    Specifically Delfino, Maggette, Mbah a Moute, Sanders, Gooden and Ilyasova could all expect 20+ each, but that’d be over 120 minutes just for forwards.

    A 2- or 3-for-1 trade to consolidate some talent would sound too good to be true. Hope Luc and Ersan can stay around and continue to see the court though so who knows.

  2. Dan Says:

    Yeah, all these moves are strange (though mostly solid in and of themselves). The Bucks have gone from a team struggling to put big men on the floor last year to having a surplus of them. I, too, have got think that they are going make a trade or two.

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