Comments on comments

Okay, I was worried about this happening, so I have to set the record straight.

1.  I love comments, especially well reasoned comments, whether critical or agreeable.

2.  I am horrible when it comes to replying to comments, or even looking at them.  If you notice I go in spurts.  Its terrible and inexcusably rude, but I keep saying its terrible and inexcusably rude and don’t appreciably improve my habits, so what does that say about me?  But I’ll keep trying!

3. I have to do the “Approve” on new commenters because of spam.  You wouldn’t believe the volumes of spam.  So I’m sorry about that.

4. Foul language is very much permitted when used to make a point (as the writer of the show Deadwood pointed out, foul language is there for a reason… it serves to economically accentuate a point).

5. If you start taking personal shots at other commenters, I can’t have that.  That’s when I get out the Censor button. 

6.  I realize I’m talking out of both sides of my mouth, since I said I enjoy well-reasoned arguments, but brevity is a must if you want a response.  If it is a lengthy comment, your chances of having it read are low.  I wont ignore the comment, but I will skim it.  Thus I will inevitably anger people with a response that misses or overlooks points made by the author, and I apologize for that, but that’s the cost of doing business in China.

7.  HUGE POINT:  If you comment on an archived post, because of the way the thing is set up, I probably never see it… its not frontended.  So, if your comment includes a question that you want me to answer, put it on the most recent post and reference back, even if it is not germane.  I hate having people think a question they asked was ignored. 



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