On second thought, I’m going to mini-post…

Actually, disregard the second to last post.  I’m going to try to keep posting.  Here’s what I’m going to do during the August lull.  I’m just going to post in the style of one of my favorite blogs, Hawkonomics.  That is, whenever I have a thought that might be semi-interesting, I’ll nutshell it and try to get it up.  In other words, short hitting posts.

As for this post, two things.  One, thank you all very much for all of the interest in the MWS48 NBA Win Charts.  Those took a lot of time, and had they just gone quietly into the night, I would have been disappointed.  I’m glad they’ve evolved into another reference point or informational guide for big-time pro basketball fans.

In line with that, and its something I should have done long ago, I’ve put up a permanent Page that links to the blog that holds the Win Charts for the 2008-09 NBA season.

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