Vacation… all I ever wanted! Had to get away!

There isn’t squat going on in the world of basketball from now until the end of the month.  So rather than undermine my credibility further by stretching this or that theory four miles past its breaking point and leveling you with a series of “Lame-O” posts, I’m dialing back here for a couple weeks.

What’s kind of cool is that I see from the “Courtside Popular” list that in my abscence someone dug into the archives and reran the “20 Most Harmful” back to the top of the greasy pole (Summer Reruns!).  That’s a good post, though.  Just a little backdated.  But that’s what summer is for, no? 

In that sense its kind of like when Letterman goes on vacation and they play some repeat episode from six months ago, and you don’t realize it, and you think to yourself “Man, are Dave’s jokes more dated than usual!” (“Did you hear the one about President Obama’s stimulus package?  Bill Clinton says he’s all in favor of it and he”s doing his best to promote it… HEY-OH!”) or “Why is Bruce Willis pitching a movie that’s already in Blockbusters budget bin?”

No, its like when a show goes on summer hiatus, and they slip a repeat in on you and you think, “Didn’t Zack protest this oil spill a while ago?”

If I can think of anymore lame brief summer hiatus analogies, I’ll post them.  I’ll regular post again in a week or so.


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