The King is pyissed, y’all

The LeBron stated on Twitter three hours ago:

Don’t think for one min that I haven’t been taking mental notes of everyone taking shots at me this summer. And I mean everyone!

That means YOU, BrGulker!  He saw what you wrote and took a mental note!!

And no, I don’t “follow” The LeBron.  I heard a teaser on SportsCenter about something he posted on Twitter and remembered “Hey, I put that lame ass Twitter link on my blog, why not use it?”

I’ll bet The LeBron can’t wait for next season to start.  The offseason he’s had has probably been the worst since… Oh, wait Tiger Woods last offseason.

Footnote:  Do you think The LeBron actually wrote that?  Somehow I can’t see him taking “mental notes” or using the phrase “mental notes”.  Whenever I hear it I think of that vigilante episode of The Simpsons when Homer’s internal dialogue says “Mental Note:  The girl knows too much”.

6 Responses to “The King is pyissed, y’all”

  1. D Says:

    So LeBron is pissed, big deal. I’m not afraid of his posse. I’ll still boo him at Bucks games.

  2. arturogalletti Says:

    Saw that. I’m expecting countdown to 73 wins signs at heat games and a full season in FU mode for the King.

  3. todd2 Says:

    Sp he won’t roll over during the playoffs this year?

  4. brgulker Says:

    LOL! Sorry I am behind on my RSS feeds ATM. But you got a good laugh out of me!

  5. Rodney Dukes Says:

    Lebron is da best no matter wut good decision lb miami heat all day!!!

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