New “Greatest Teams” Page

This summer, in response to LeBron taking his talents to South Beach, I began doing Win Charts of some of the winningest NBA teams of all times.  I’ve now put all of those charts together on a new page in this blogs “Courtside Reading” section listed in the righthand column.

The latest addition to the Page is the 1985-86 Larry Bird Boston Celtics, a team I will analyze in the coming days.

I will be continually adding to the Page, and as for right now the teams are not ranked, but they include:

1964-65 Bost Celtics

1966-67 Phil Sixers

1970-71 Milw Bucks

1971-72 LA Lakers

1971-72 Milw Bucks

1985-86 Bost Celtics

1995-96 Chicago Bulls

2008 US Olympic Team

You will notice that the only NBA team on there that did not win a championship was the 71-72 Bucks.  I’m comfortable with that, and will be adding more non-champions.  I’ll mostly be taking my cue from the “NBA Top to Bottom” list.


One Response to “New “Greatest Teams” Page”

  1. Blake Says:

    “Make sure you work on your legs a lot this summer, and get to the basket more and get to the free throw line. There’s no reason you should score four or two points a game, ever, with your quickness.”

    That’s apparently what Payton told Jennings.

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