How the outside world sees the Brewers

When I was a kid I always wondered how kids in other states viewed the Milwaukee Brewers.  I mean, I grew up with them, I was born to root for them and to enjoy the public works beauty and the industrial majesty that was old Milwaukee County Stadium (for those not from Wisconsin — the “concourses” in the lower deck were paved with asphault… I’m not shitting you!  I think the concourse was part of the same pour as the parking lot.  And the outside walls seemed to be made out of the same material as my grandpa’s tool shed).

But what about elsewhere?  I mean, did they even consider them an actual team??  For long periods of Milwaukee Brewers history, lets face it, they have flat out sucked. 

(And before two years ago, they clung to that one frickin losing appearance in the World Series like the 10th player on my high school basketball team clung to that one practice where he “lit up the first string”.)

Anyway, here’s a brilliant piece that fills in the blanks for me written on the site “CardboardGods”.  Funny as hell.  I found it surfing around the site for childhood memories. (you know what those old Brewers cards reminded me of?  Mowing the lawn all summer to save up to buy a seat when my local Park and Department had their annual Brewer game bus trip… the highlight of my summer… can anyone relate?  I loved the eggshell traveling unis too.  They need to bring those back.)


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