Upgrading Ricky Rubio

Prior to the 2009 NBA Draft I wondered what all the fuss was about Ricky Rubio.  His European numbers did not seem to warrant all the hoopla.

Since then he has improved his production in several key areas and if you adjust for the lower total European League per game production, he now projects as an above average NBA point guard.  (The EuroLeague generally produces Team Win Score averages that are substantially lower than the NBA’s.  If you account for this, Rubio’s WS48 from last Euro season projects to a very above average NBA number — possibly in the 11.52 range.  Last night against the US National Team he produced a WS48 of 18.97, this despite an ungodly 5 turnovers, validating his potential.)

Besides that, he has to be, hands down, one of the most entertaining players on the planet.  Some of the passes he executed last night in the USA-Spain exhibition game were borderline phenomenal.   He is the Pistol Redux.  (He even has a penchant for the Pistol’s famous “scoop pass”, something former Buck Paul Pressey also featured in his repertoire.)

Of course, that is something of a double-edged sword.  Because he loves to try low percentage passes, his turnovers are still way too high.  At some point he will have to lose the fancy pants act.  But for now its pretty spectacular to watch.

And his defense on two quick NBA point guards — Derrick Rose and Russell Westbrook — seemed adequate enough.   He’s a tremendous ball thief as well, producing an incredible 4 steals in only 21.5 minutes of action.

Minnesota should be doing whatever the guy wants to get him into their fold.  He would instantly energize the Timberwolves franchise.  And I think he projects as an above average win producer.

2 Responses to “Upgrading Ricky Rubio”

  1. Blake Says:

    He is a beast, though I’d still rather have Brandon more…

  2. tywill33 Says:


    I could stitch together a Dr. Frankenstein point guard that was equal parts Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd, and John Stockton, and you’d pencil my creation in as the backup to Brandon Jennings!!

    I’m messin with ya, man!!!!

    Bucks season CANNOT get here fast enough!!


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