Updated Team USA Win Chart

Being that it was a holiday, I had a chance to watch the entire game between Team Angola and Team USA.  What a bloodbath.   Here is an updated Win Chart for the Team through 9 games:

Click Here to see 2010 Team USA Win Chart

The color commentator for ESPN had the metaphor of the year so far when he called Team Angola’s zone “defense” a “summer league zone”.  That’s exactly what it was.  Very lackadaisical, care-free rotations on the part of the Angolans.  And Team USA took full advantage, swinging the ball gently around the perimeter until they found either open cutters for dunks, or open shooters for three point bombs.  It was Labor Day in America, but Team USA didn’t have to labor too hard for that win.

The stars of the game were basically everyone except Danny Granger and Stephen Curry, who both continue to play poorly. 

One guy who has really stepped out and surprised me with his fantastic play has been Rudy Gay.  Generally he is not an efficient player, but he has been very efficient for Team USA.  Perhaps his career is about to turn a corner down in Memphis.

Another surprising star has been Derrick Rose.  He’s at the age where his career might just sky rocket.  He has already been dubbed a “star” by media types, but that christening has been based upon his sizzle.  Now he’s adding steak to the menu.  Keep an eye on him this season, especially under the new more defensive minded regime installed in Chicago.  His win production may go up.

The best Team USA performer against Angola was old man Chauncey Billups.  He had a retro “Mr. Big Shot” game, nailing almost all of his three point attempts.  It helped that Angola gave him free looks all afternoon long.

5 Responses to “Updated Team USA Win Chart”

  1. Chicago Tim Says:

    As a Chicago fan I’m keeping an eye on Rose and Asik, and both have played well. I was particularly pleased to see Rose hit three pointers, block a couple of shots, and keep his turnovers to zero, but as you note Angola really didn’t offer much competition. I would have liked to see him make a couple of steals for good measure, but I’ll be happy if he just keeps up his present level of play throughout the tournament and the season.

    I’m actually getting into this tournament. The USA team isn’t exactly an underdog, but like a favorite in the NCAA tournament they have to be careful in every game here on out. Most of the remaining teams have at least an outside chance for an upset, and Turkey legitimately scares me. Meanwhile I’m not only following Rose and Asik, I’m also enjoying the great play of some players I don’t see very often, like Durant and Love.

  2. tywill33 Says:

    I think they might be headed for rougher waters, especially if they have to face the very tall Turkish team.

    Their defense thus far has been superb. But again, I’m not sure how to weigh the performances.

    Its like the Notre Dame game on Saturday: Did Notre Dame look good, or did Purdue look bad? Same with Team USA. Its hard to judge.

  3. Chicago Tim Says:

    They are certainly headed for rougher waters than Angola. They can’t take any of their remaining opponents for granted. Russia plays a system that can upset anyone, Lithuania is undefeated, Argentina just beat the Brazil team that almost beat the USA — and Brazil had Varejao back against Argentina. And Turkey, at home, will likely await them in the finals. It’s getting exciting!

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