Yahoo Sports stole my prediction! (not really)

So I was at Festival Foods this morning and after making my purchases I slid over to the magazine rack to check out the NBA preview mags.  I love those magazines even though I haven’t actually bought one in years.  I guess I love what they represent.  The NBA season is a comin’.

Anyway, Yahoo Sports now has an NBA preview magazine.  I picked it up and leafed through the pages.  It looked like your standard preview magazine.  I didn’t have much time so I directed my focus on finding what they had to say about the teams in the Central Division.

Their predictions for the top two teams are nearly exactly the same as mine.  Yahoo has the Bulls winning 53 games and the Central Division and they have the Bucks coming in second place with 48 wins. 

During the summer I estimated that the Bucks would win 47 games and I think I had the Bulls at 52 games.

Even I questioned how the Bucks seemingly improved roster would produce nearly the same number of wins as last season, but that is what the numbers told me so that was my prediction.  I think one reason the numbers are not higher is because the Bucks basically added players like Drew Gooden and Corey Maggette and John Salmons who have produced wins over the past few seasons at a .500% level.  That would improve a team that was below .500% but not one that was above .500%

But you never know how a player will play on a new team.  Remember John Salmons burst of production last season. 

That is why they play the scheduled games.


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