Jennings in midseason form

I got a chuckle when I saw the box score from last night’s exhibition opener.  Brandon Jennings went 0-for-5.  I guess he’s been working on his shot all summer.

Actually, there isn’t much that can be taken from exhibition season.  Remember last season?  Hakim Warrick was putting up Kevin Garnett numbers.  As Scott Skiles pointed out at the time, Warrick has made a career out of compiling statistics against second string talent, which was primarily what he was doing last exhibition season.

The one thing you can pick up are tendencies.  Does the guy like to rebound?  Is he generally a shot maker?  How many possessions does he like to use?  Things like that.

In that sense I was a bit disappointed by Larry Sanders performance last night.  Sure, he put in 9 points or whatever it was, but he committed fouls and turnovers and he grabbed only 2 rebounds in 14 minutes.  That won’t be good enough.

Oh, last thing.  I heard a hilarious Bucks radio spot this morning.  It features voice over by the black guy from the All-State ads.  You know the one with the deep voice.  He says something about how the NBA is learning to “Fear the Deer” (what’s the over/under on that phrase?  I’m already tired of it).

The funny part is the mock coaches the ad features.  They’re bitching about how they don’t want to get outworked by the Bucks “again”, and how the Bucks were killing them in “the effort department”.  I wish you could hear how cheesey it is.  Then the mock coaches say “Get the ball out of Bogut’s hands… he’s KILLING us!” and “NO MORE PENETRATION!  Double Jennings if you have to!!”

It took me a half a second to realize those were meant to be opposition coaches, but when I did I had a great laugh.  (Note:  If you don’t know Skiles voice, it might appear as if that is the Bucks coach complaining about getting outworked and getting outefforted).


3 Responses to “Jennings in midseason form”

  1. Chicago Tim Says:

    Sloppy game, with scrubs getting major minutes. If I see Scalabrine playing 20 minutes a game during the regular season, I’ll scream. I was disappointed to see Kurt Thomas only get one rebound in 14 minutes, though. Maybe he takes a veteran’s attitude towards preseason games, but still, I hope for better from him.

  2. poker affiliate Says:

    The Bucks and Bulls are going to fight it out for the division this season. The health of Boozer may well determine the winner. You can put much stock in pre-season games, because no one takes them very seriously.

  3. Dan Says:

    Nice spam, poker affiliate!

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