Twolves should go with Wesley, not Corey

With the caveat that this is exhibition season, the Minnesota Timberwolves most recent first round pick out of Syracuse, Wesley Johnson, looks dynamite so far.  He’s a bit high in turnovers, and doesn’t rebound much, but so far he looks like a shotmaker.

On the other hand, the Timberwolves first round pick from a couple of years back, Corey Brewer, looks awful.  That is no surprise.  Brewer has been unproductive since he began his NBA career.  He does almost nothing well.

The Timberwolves would be well advised to sit Brewer down for good.  He’s nothing but a loss producing machine.  The Wolves ought to give his minutes to Johnson. 

Look at the numbers.  So far in the exhibition season, and again its exhibition season, but so far the difference between the two players production is staggering.  Johnson has compiled a Win Score of 11.57 whereas Brewer has compiled a Win Score of -15.16. 

Brewer’s Win Score is in line with his career production.  The guy is terrible.  Sometimes you just have to admit that it was a mistake to draft a certain player and move on.  Continuing to give minutes to Brewer is like throwing good money after bad.  All he is ever going to produce are losses.  Timberwolves, its time to cut bait and sit Brewer down.


2 Responses to “Twolves should go with Wesley, not Corey”

  1. notherbert Says:

    hello, your point seems to mostly be that Brewer is not good and this seems true enough, but i’m a little interested if you have any more insight into Wesley Johnsons game? clearly he should play ahead of Brewer but that is not saying much and if we continue along that thinking, it is actually Martell Webster who should get the bulk of minutes of these 3.

    concerns with Wesley going into the draft were his inability to dribble and to help produce outside of his shooting. in the one game i watched, he made shots but was very limited in his court movement and contributing anything else. so i would say there are valid concerns about Wesley that may be confirming his limits. i wonder what your perspective is?

    • tywill33 Says:

      Its too early to make too many solid assessments. However, if you look at my latest post, compared to his fellow rookies Wes Johnson is performing quite well.

      I will revisit the topic later in the exhibition season.

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