Monster game for Austin Daye against the Bucks

I liked Detroit Pistons SF/PF Austin Daye coming out of college.  Daye did not perform all that well last season, but his second half improvement led me to predict a 2010-11 breakout season for him in terms of win production.  In last night’s exhibition game against the Milwaukee Bucks he provided some indication that I might be right.

Daye produced 15.0 win score points last night in only 25 minutes of court time against Milwaukee.  Daye converted 7 of 13 shots with three 3 point shots in that mix.  He also rebounded well and generally played a clean game in terms of ball possession and fouls.  Pretty impressive.  Let’s see if it carries over to the regular season.

Other notes on the Bucks-Pistons exhibition game:

Why the retreads?

Last week Milwaukee cut loose second round pick Tiny Gallon.  He must have sucked eggs.   The Bucks barely gave him a look.  Instead they decided to fill what would have been Gallon’s third string center minutes by signing journeyman Brian Skinner.   Skinner is the NBA’s version of that Duke girl.  He’s been had by nearly every team.  Its kind of depressing to have both he and PG Earl Boykins back in Green and Red.  Why not give those minutes to some younger D League prospects?

Sanders not afraid to shoot

For some reason I thought Bucks first round pick Larry Sanders would be a low usage player.  Apparently not.  Last night Sanders hoisted 17 shots in 32 minutes of action, making only 5.  He did rebound fairly well, however.  But overall, I calculated Sanders Marginal Win Score for last night’s game at (-1.65).  That’s  not very good.

For the exhibition season so far, I have Sanders at (-2.76).  That’s really bad, but it is early.

CDR getting the minutes

With all of the Bucks geriatric element on the bench, swingman Chris Douglas Roberts is getting his minutes, averaging about 30 per game so far this exhibition season.

Douglas-Roberts has produced better than he did last season, but his numbers still are not sterling.  I calculate CDR has produced a MWS48 of (-1.30) thus far.  I’d like to see him get that up to about +0.00 if possible.

Gooden is Gooden

I have no idea why the Bucks paid so much for Drew Gooden.  The guy is serviceable at best.  Last night he played 23 minutes and did not grab a single defensive rebound.  You have to almost avoid the ball to do that.  Lazy, lazy, lazy.  Thus far this exhibition season I have him pegged with a MWS48 of (-1.00).  Gooden is shooting the ball well, but not really doing anything else.

Same old Jennings defense

I pick on Bucks PG Brandon Jennings because he cannot shoot.  But he can defend.  In fact, with the NBA’s “no hand check” rules in place, the ultra quick Jennings is probably the ideal perimeter defender.  He is showing off that facet of his game this exhibition season, and it is keeping his win numbers decent.  Thus far I have Jennings MWS48 pegged at exactly “average” (+0.00), meaning he has produced as many Win Score points as his counterpart point guards.  If he carried that number into the regular season it would actually represent an improvement.

Big year from Ilya?

There are signs pointing to a big season of win production from Bucks PF Ersan Ilyasova.  He has shot the ball terribly in the exhibition season, but the rest of his game has been so productive that I calculate Ilya with an above average MWS48 of (+0.94).  That number is exactly in line with the improvement I expect to see from the Turk.

BTW, last night Ilya showed how important free throws can be to overall effective scoring.  Ilya shot the ball very poorly from the field, yet he finished the game with more points than scoring possessions because he acquired 11 free throw shots and converted all of them.

Free throw shots are easy points, and they tend to improve a player’s overall scoring effectiveness dramatically.  I do not understand why more players do not aggressively take the ball toward the basket to attract contact.  Get your ‘fros!  They’re easy money!


2 Responses to “Monster game for Austin Daye against the Bucks”

  1. Dan Says:

    Wait, wait, wait…the box score for the MIL/CHA game has Brockman as “DNP – Broken left ankle?” Is this right? I haven’t seen anything about this anywhere.

  2. brgulker Says:

    From the Pistons perspective, it’s baffling to me to think that the organization believes that Daye is actually in a battle with TMac for minutes.

    Sure, it’s preseason, but Daye’s showing marked improvement in creating shots for himself. He’s still physically weak, but his length makes up for that at least some of the time. I can’t believe we’re potentially sticking him behind Prince AND TMac. Crazy.

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