Rookie exhibition season MWS48

With the posting of exhibition statistics on, I was able to estimate the MWS48’s posted by the top rookies picked in this summer’s draft.

I also added Los Angeles Clipper F/C Blake Griffin to the mix, and he looks like a superstar in the making.  Outside of himself and Minnesota’s Wesley Johnson though, none of the other rookies have looked very productive.  Frankly, most of them have looked downright awful.  Remember however, its very early and I am using a small sample size for these calculations.

Rookie MWS48
1. Blake Griffin…(+6.50)
2. Wesley Johnson…(+3.43)
3. Evan Turner…(+0.66)
4. John Wall…(-1.03)
5. Gordon Heyward…(-1.59)
6. Demarcus Cousins…(-2.76)
7. Greg Monroe…(-3.06)
8. Al Aminu…(-7.47)
9. Derrick Favors…(-8.o3)
10. Xavier Henry…(-8.30)
11. Paul George…(-10.63)  

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