NBA Rookie Performance Rankings

I calculated the MWS48 numbers posted by NBA rookies in the exhibition season.  Overall the rookie class is performing poorly.   Some of these rookies are just awful, most notably PF/C Derrick Favors (remember, anything -2.00 or worse is pretty bad).

Of the notables, first pick John Wall is not performing that well, but when compared to most of the other rookies, he’s doing okay.  The one “rookie” who looks like an absolute superstar is the first pick from two summers ago, Blake Griffin.  He should have a monster year.  Of last summer’s rookies, SF Wesley Johnson of Minnesota is putting up the best numbers.  Second pick SF Evan Turner can’t shoot worth a damn but he’s doing virtually everything else well.  Ditto for C DeMarcus Cousins, who is a poor shooter and commits too  many fouls and turnovers, but who rebounds like an SOB.  SF Gordon Hayward looked good this summer, but does not look good now.

The biggest “steals” so far are Atlanta Hawks G Jordan Crawford (whose biggest prior claim to fame was dunking hard on LeBron on Youtube) and SG James Anderson of San Antonio.

The rookies are listed according to their draft order, not their performance.  If a rookie hasn’t played more than 30 minutes, he was not included.

Draft Order and MWS48 so far

1a. Blake Griffin, LAC…(+7.26)
1. John Wall, Wash…(-1.77)
2. Evan Turner, Phi…(+0.21)
3. Derrick Favors, NJ…(-8.31)
4. Wes Johnson, Minn…(+1.92)
5. DeMarcus Cousins, Sac…(+0.81)
6. Eke Udoh, GS…(—)
7. Greg Monroe, Det…(-1.44)
8. Al-Farouq Aminu, LAC…(-4.40)
9. Gordon Hayward, Utah…(-3.21)
10. Paul George, Ind…(-4.03)
11. Cole Aldrich, OKC…(-1.98)
12. Xavier Henry, Mem…(-1.12)
13. Ed Davis, Tor…(–)
14. Patrick Patterson, Hou…(-0.67)
15. Larry Sanders, Milw…(-2.79)
16. Luke Babbitt, Port…(-0.78)
17. Kevin Seraphin, Chi…(–)
18. Eric Bledsoe, LAC…(-6.22)
19. Avery Bradley, Bos…(–)
20. James Anderson, SA…(-0.04)
21. Craig Brackins, Phi…(-3.02)
22. Elliot Williams, Port…(-4.19)
23. Trevor Booker, Wash…(-3.66)
24. Dominique Jones, Dall…(-3.14)
25. Damion James, NJ…(-2.24)
26. Quincy Pondexter, NOH…(-8.03)
27. Jordan Crawford, Atl…(+0.04)
28. Grevious Vasquez, Memp…(–)
29. Daniel Orton, Orl…(–)
30. Lazar Hayward, Minn…(–)
xx. Timothy Mozgov, NY…(-3.80)
xx. Dexter Pittman, Mia…(-4.26)
xx. Derrick Caracter, LAL…(-5.72)

5 Responses to “NBA Rookie Performance Rankings”

  1. arturogalletti Says:

    Nice job Ty. No Haragondy?

    • tywill33 Says:

      This is a double comment to Arturo and Chicago Tim. I simply used the Basketball-Reference Draft list, and I arbitrarily included a few of the second round picks I recognized, like Pittman.

      So basically what I’m saying is I got lazy. But in my defense, the players are not marked as rookies or first year players on Doug’s Stats.

  2. Chicago Tim Says:

    What about rookies from overseas, like Omer Asik?

  3. poker affiliate Says:

    The Clippers have a lot of good young talent on the roster, and if Griffin can stay healthy they could slide into the playoffs this season. Kaman and Baron Davis are All-Star caliber and Gordon and Griffin are future stars.

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