Milwaukee Bucks win stats through 5 exhibitions

Look out for the Memphis Grizzlies.  They have throttled everyone so far this exhibition season including your Milwaukee Bucks last night.  Their exhibition play portends good things for them this season.

I went back two seasons ago and looked at the projected winning records I did for Bucks Diary based upon each team’s exhibition season efficiency numbers and I found a .55 correlation between that number and their final regular season winning percentage, which is pretty much in line with what Roland Beech and others have found doing more substantive studies.

If that’s the case, the Memphis Grizzlies could be a handful this season.  Both their offense and their defense have looked extraordinarily good in the exhibition season.

As for the Bucks, their defensive efficiency numbers have been good, but when you combine those numbers with their horrible offensive numbers, that pegs them at around 40 wins.  But, this exhibition season has been played by and large by their “B Team”, so there is not much you can say conclusively about the team.

But we can comment on the play of individual team members.  So far the one player who is performing really well is Carlos Delfino.  Keyon Dooling is also doing well, though he struggled against Memphis.  Brandon Jennings has also improved his all-around play, though he continues to struggle with his shot.

The two Bucks who are doing very poorly are Chris Douglas-Roberts (who has gotten a lot of opportunity, but has not cashed in) and rookie Larry Sanders.

Here is the Milwaukee Bucks MWS48 numbers through five exhibition games.

Milw Bucks Exhibition MWS48 (through 5 games)

1. Carlos Delfino…(+3.30)

2. Keyon Dooling…(+1.85)

3. Jon Brockman…(+1.52)

4. Brandon Jennings…(+0.55)

5. Earl Boykins…(+0.51)

6. Chris Kramer…(+0.04)

7. Ersan Ilyasova…(-0.04)

8. Luc Richard Moute…(-0.02)

9. Drew Gooden…(-0.16)

10. Bryan Skinner…(-1.24)

11. Larry Sanders…(-2.69)

12. Chris Douglas-Roberts…(-2.97)


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