“Throw it down (more often), big man!”

The Harvard Sports blog is reporting that dunking the basketball more often tends to lead to more wins.  That would make sense, as dunking is the highest value shot in basketball, and scoring efficiency is an important component of winning.

The blog further reports that your Milwaukee Bucks beat the trend by making the playoffs despite finishing last in the Association in dunks.  The lower number of dunks probably helps explain the Bucks overall low field goal percentage.  Whether the new additions to the team will make a difference in the Bucks dunk totals remains to be seen.

2 Responses to ““Throw it down (more often), big man!””

  1. Chicago Tim Says:

    That’s one reason Charles Barkley was so great; a very high percentage of dunks. Few rebounders were as good at grabbing a defensive rebound, taking the ball the length of the court, and dunking at the other end.

  2. Alex Koenig Says:

    Regarding whether or not the Bucks additions will improve the amount that they dunk, Drew Gooden brings his 36 dunks in 70 games to the table, which combined with Andrew Bogut’s 61 dunks in 69 games should lead to increased totals for both this coming year (assuming they stay healthy). Rookies Larry Sanders and Darington Hobson should also contribute, if given the requisite playing time. All things considered the Bucks should move out of the dunks basement this year.

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