Bucks get beat by Cavaliers, Sessions

I just updated the win numbers I provided two posts ago to take into account tonight’s loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  The Bucks frontcourt played very well against Cleveland, but their backcourt played very, very poorly.  Bucks rookie Larry Sanders had a very nice game, although according to the radio broadcast he is Scott Skiles whipping boy because of repeated defensive lapses.  Keyon Dooling’s numbers are going south, which troubles me.  But lets see what happens in the regular season.  But, don’t be deceived by Chris Douglas-Roberts box score from last night’s game.  His numbers look superficially okay, but in fact he was outplayed decisively by Cleveland’s Anthony Parker and was a major reason for the Bucks loss.  Apparently the Bucks waived former Purdue G Chris Kramer yesterday, so I no longer include his numbers in the chart.  Kramer put up a very good account of himself during his time with the team.  Drew Gooden flipped his numbers into the positive realm with a very productive performance against his former team.  Brandon Jennings’ dragged his numbers into the negative after he was dominated by former Bucks PG Ramon Sessions.  Ilyasova’s numbers point out the major flaw with Win Contribution.  He has played his counterparts to a statistical standstill, which tends to produce a .500% win basketball team, which isn’t horrible, but his +0.000 Win Contribution number doesn’t indicate that.  In fact it cannot be distinguished from someone who played two minutes and did basically nothing.  The solution is to peg Win Contribution “over bench” or over replacement level, but that would add a layer of additional confusion and I would like to go the other direction with the statistics, keeping things as simple as possible.  So I don’t know what I’ll do.

Updated Bucks Preseason MWS48
1. Andrew Bogut…(+10.97)…(+0.199)
2. Carlos Delfino…(+3.15)…(+0.253)
3. Jon Brockman…(+0.93)…(+0.024)
4. Drew Gooden…(+0.37)…(+0.035)
5. Luc Richard Mbahmoute…(+0.10)…(+0.006)
6. Ersan Ilyasova…(+0.00)…(+0.000)
7. Brandon Jennings…(-0.13)…(-0.013)
8. Earl Boykins…(-0.64)…(-0.042)
9. Brian Skinner…(-0.93)…(-0.049)
10. Keyon Dooling…(-1.21)…(-0.119)
11. Larry Sanders…(-2.75)…(-0.221)
12. Chris Douglas-Roberts…(-2.96)…(-0.387)

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