Bucks get Kiss of Death from SI preview


Apparently Sports Illustrated predicted the Milwaukee Bucks will win the Central Division and finish fifth overall in the Eastern Conference.  So, obviously, neither will happen.

Sports Illustrated’s predictions are based on naked opinion and senseless clap-trap fed to them by anonymous NBA scouts.  Neither is reliable.

Last season SI had the Bucks finishing dead last in the Eastern Conference, based largely on the losses of Charlie Villanueva and Richard Jefferson.  Yes, I’m serious.  So don’t give too much weight to Sports Illustrated’s predictive powers.

The NBA forecast system I like is the SCHOENE system developed by Kevin Pelton of BasketballProspectus.  SCHOENE relies on established numbers and historic parallels.  Its rather interesting.  I’d like to see where they forecast the Milwaukee Bucks, but not quite enough to shell out for their basketball preview book.

3 Responses to “Bucks get Kiss of Death from SI preview”

  1. Chicago Tim Says:

    I think you can see roughly where the SCHOENE system ranks Milwaukee by looking at the NBA Watchability Index ’10-’11. Kevin Pelton helped with the “bad” to “good” rankings, which has Milwaukee ranked well below Chicago and just above the middle of the pack. Milwaukee is ranked as more interesting, though, whatever that means.

    The real surprise is Boston, which apparently is supposed to be barely better than Milwaukee and worse than New York. I’m tempted to shell out for the Basketball Prospectus Preview book just to see whether the graph really does have the same predictions, and if so how they have the Celtics so low. But there is no Kindle edition, and I read everything on the Kindle these days.


  2. Dan Says:

    I’ve always laughed at SI predictions because it seems like they go out on a limb a lot to try to feel really cool when they get one right.

    That said, it was pretty neat to see a “1” on the Bucks’ page. It’s been a while.

    • tywill33 Says:

      You ever read those little “scout” columns. They’re filled with the latest jargon, which always seems to be both too general and too specific at the same time.

      “He’s got no hip flexibility”… “He’s a one jump rebounder”…

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