Milwaukee Bucks true Win Production numbers

I went back into the NBA transcripts and produced the Milwaukee Bucks true Marginal Win Score per 48 numbers for the preseason.  They are not radically different from the estimated numbers I have been providing.  The numbers are listed below.  The first parenthetical is the player’s MWS48, the second is his “Win Contribution” which is simply his MWS48 multiplied by his percentage of the team’s overall player minutes.

Milwaukee Bucks exhibition MWS48
1. Andrew Bogut…(+16.14)…(+0.154)
2. Carlos Delfino…(+4.31)…(+0.303)
3. Jon Brockman…(+0.93)…(+0.028)
4. Chris Kramer…(+0.66)…(+0.046)
5. Brandon Jennings…(+0.41)…(+0.040)
6. Luc Richard MbahMoute…(+0.10)…(+0.008)
7. Ersan Ilyasova…(-0.05)…(-0.006)
8. Keyon Dooling…(-0.25)…(-0.024)
9. Earl Boykins…(-0.26)…(-0.017)
10. Brian Skinner…(-0.28)…(-0.016)
11. Drew Gooden…(-0.58)…(-0.054)
12. Chris Douglas-Roberts…(-3.09)…(-0.392)
13. Larry Sanders…(-4.13)…(-0.316)


With the exception of SG/SF Chris Douglas-Roberts and PF/C Larry Sanders, no one on the Milwaukee Bucks is playing horribly this exhibition season.  The problem is, outside of SF Carlos Delfino, no one is playing exceptionally well either. (I would have to also except C Andrew Bogut from that comment, as he was extremely productive in his brief exhibition season appearance).

There are little nuggets of good news within that semi-dreary news.  First, Brandon Jennings has improved his overall numbers from his rookie season.  Yes, he can’t shoot a lick, but I suspect he may never be able to do that well.  But he is still defending well, and his overall game has become a bit more productive.  Second, some of the sub-parts that the Bucks acquired this summer — namely Dooling, Boykins, Skinner and Gooden — are doing okay.  They should not kill the team when they are on the floor.

One thing has become crystal clear, though.  Larry Sanders and CDR just stink.  They’re awful.  Hopefully Scott Skiles recognizes that fact and will limit each of them to minimal minutes.  The trade-off between those two and any other two players at their respective positions is just monstrous.  Providing either player with extended minutes would have disastrous consequences for your Milwaukee Bucks.

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