Bucks Exhibition Season Win Chart

I calculated the Milwaukee Bucks final and full exhibition season Win Chart after last night’s loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves.  The Bucks finished won 3 of the exhibition games and lost 5 of the games.

In last night’s overtime loss, SF Corey Maggette made his Bucks debut and had a strangely brilliant game, somehow amassing 20 free throw opportunities in only 14 minutes of action.  He was uberaggressive with the ball.  I always wonder why more players don’t force the action in a similar manner.   Free throws are so valuable.

Also last night, Chris Douglas-Roberts had a great game, his first even halfway decent game for the Bucks.  The +13.0 marginal win score points he collected salvaged a putrid exhibition season and turned it into a merely poor one.

Outside of those two, if you look at the chart nearly every player who played substantial minutes finished with an MWS48 close to where one might have predicted had they reviewed the 2009-10 Win Charts on the right hand column of this blog. (Jennings final MWS48 was identical to the one he posted last season).

Of the players who played at least 100 minutes:  Delfino was well above average; Jennings was slightly below average; Ilyasova and Moute were right at average; and the new veteran additions (with the exception of the aforementioned CDR) were about “bench level” win producers.  That’s not terrible, except they paid a lot for one of those guys (Gooden).

The rookie, Larry Sanders (MWS48: -3.79) was quite terrible throughout the exhibition season.  Last night he got absolutely abused by the Timberwolves foreign legion of big men.  I thought he would struggle, especially with his fouls and turnovers, and indeed he has.  But he has at least shown some signs of life, especially showing the capability of rebounding and blocking shots, and so I have by no means given up on his chances to be a useful player at some point in his career.  At this point of his career, unfortunately, he appears to be the opposite of that.


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