Another dreary Bucks prediction posted their NBA win projections, which are based upon performance projections for each player and computer simulations.

As you can see their model produced a 41.5 win season for your Milwaukee Bucks.

ADDENDUM: Another interesting thing about the post is the link to the projected minutes.  They are not projecting CDR, Brockman, or Sanders to play very much at all.  They have Darrington Hobson playing more minutes than Sanders.


4 Responses to “Another dreary Bucks prediction”

  1. Blake Says:

    How do they even calculate some of this stuff? We’re essentially the same team besides a few acquisitions, and we’re getting 5 games worse? It just doesn’t make sense. That one site you posted before had us ranked 12th defensively. TWLETH!? So because of Gooden, Maggette and CDR we’re going to be pushed from 2nd to 12th? I think they’re forgetting that Skiles isn’t going to allow this team or any member of it to slack off on defense. Maggette might have been a bad defender, but he has never been coached in a heavily defensive minded system before. I think in a slower pace he’ll be fine and his defense will almost surely improve.

    Bill Simmons said something like “I can’t wait to see how Maggette reacts to Skiles’ coaching style” two weeks ago. Remember last year when people were worried with how Brandon might work with Skiles? Yeah, well that turned out better than what was expected. I trust Maggette will be fine, he’ll play better defense than what anyone is expecting him to simply because he’s never been on a winning team that could get into the 2nd round. He’ll play a more team oriented style of ball for the sake of winning. I hate when the media makes players out to be some sort of cancer to a team locker room or ‘too cocky’ and say it’ll destroy the chemistry. Most of it is just bull shit, just like last year with Brandon Jennings.

    • tywill33 Says:

      I guess they used three separate formulas and then took the average.

      I’d be surprised if someone like Brockman only gets 300 minutes, unless he’s seriously hurt. Why did they even trade for him then?

      But I guess I could say the exact same thing about CDR… I really have no idea how the minutes will be distributed. Hopefully age and injury won’t be the key factors.

  2. robert Says:

    dude CDR provides great scoring and an ability to get to the rime and i laugh when they say that a player who isnt going to play all season will get more minutes than CDR i dont think he will play much because he is behind Salmons but he could fill in at the SF position 2 if they want to go small the bucks will easily win 55-60 games this year if bogut stays healthy no doubt about it brandon will be improved and has been so far expect 20 ppg and 6-7 assists per game and they will win a weak central by 20 games

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