Evan Turner looks like a young Grant Hill

I just went back and calculated the MWS48 Grant Hill posted during his 1994-95 rookie season with the Detroit Pistons.  It was (+0.45).  That is quite similar to the production numbers posted by Philadelphia rookie Evan Turner this preseason (+0.43).

Yet Turner is already being called a flop in Philly for one reason.  He is not making shots.  That’s a fair criticism.  Turner’s True Shooting Percentage during the NBA’s exhibition season was a woeful 45%.  That’s bad, even by the lowly standards of this rookie crop.

Yet true fans of the game have a broader vision of production.  They are not so myopic.  They know winning basketball is about so much more than just scoring. 

And in all of the other vital areas of basketball production, Turner looks like a very valuable player.  In fact, given his size and demonstrated versatility, he could become that rarest of commodities — a point forward.  The Bucks of the 80s, the Bulls of the 90s, and the Cavs this decade have all demonstrated the value of a big playmaker, and Evan Turner appears to fit that mold.

So those who are comparing him to the recently washed-out Adam Morrison are wildly off-the-mark.  Turner may never be a high level superstar, but similar to his prototype, Grant Hill, he should be a solid win contributor for many seasons to come.


One Response to “Evan Turner looks like a young Grant Hill”

  1. brgulker Says:

    He reminded me of Hill in college as well. Nice piece.

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