Opening Night 2010-11: The Year of the Deer!!

Happy Opening Night, NBA fans!!  Its finally here

I have nothing substantive to write in this post.   I just liked the title phrase.  I thought of it and wanted to get it into circulation so I could claim it as an original creation!!  Prepare the t-shirts!

To Bucks fans:  GO BUCKS!!

To my nephew the C-Man and Big Diesel:  Go Twolves!!

To Chicago TimGo BGo Bu Go BulGo Bull (Sorry Tim, I just can’t get that one out!!)

To fans of every other NBA team:  May your team enjoy success against all non-antlered teams in the Association


2 Responses to “Opening Night 2010-11: The Year of the Deer!!”

  1. Blake Says:

    I’m so pumped for tomorrow’s game. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to see how our Bucks play this year. Mark my words Bogut is finally going to get that all-star spot!

    Oh and how bout those Heat!? The Celtics’ defensive game plan looked simple and effective: Clog the paint and let them beat you from the outside.

  2. Anthony B Says:

    Hello Ty and fellow Bucks fans,

    Anthony from Lebanon here.

    Very excited for this upcoming season.

    I’ll be making my first trip to the US in mid-November to take the CPA exam. As luck would have it the Bucks will be in Philadelphia on the 19th. So I’ll finally get to fulfill my lifelong dream of catching an NBA game and the Bucks at that!

    Hopefully it will be the Year of the Deer. (Hit me up when those t-shirts are made!)

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