Gooden, doghouse meet in record time

Scott Skiles had some harsh words for some unnamed slacker in his press conference following the Bucks embarrassing loss to the Minnesota Timberwolves Friday night.  A quick look at the box score revealed the exact person Skiles was ripping: PF Drew Gooden, the lackadaisical big man in whom the Bucks inexplicably invested a five year contract last summer.

Tonight, in the home opening win, Skiles confirmed Gooden’s status, yanking him faster than Sparky Anderson would, and keeping him on the pines the rest of the way, preferring the mondo effort of the undersized but always productive Luc Richard Mbahmoute.

None of this is surprising.  We knew Gooden would not sit in Skiles good graces for long.  But 2.5 games into the season?  Whoever chose took “3 games and under”, you may step to the pay window.

By the way, Moute played a spectacular game tonight, figuring prominently in the Milwaukee Bucks much needed win.  Drew Gooden played extremely poorly.  Oh, and there was no sign of Ersan Ilyasova, though I am confident both he and Gooden will be given ample opportunity to get out of the Skiles Bow-Wow Hotel.

Stars of the Game:  Brandon Jennings had a triple double tonight, but where has his defense gone??  For the third straight game the opposition point guard has torched the Bucks.  On opening night it was New Orleans Chris Paul, so I gave Jennings a bit of a pass.  Last night it was Luke Ridnour, who basically pulled a Brett Favre against the Bucks.  Less willing to overlook that one.  Tonight it was the mediocre DJ Augustin whom Jennings defense made into Kevin Johnson.  That’s a bridge too far, Brandon.  Tighten it up a bit.

The real stars of the game, and the Bucks most valuable players on the season so far, were center Andrew Bogut and shooting guard Carlos Delfino.  Bogut was magnificent on both ends.  He is just schoolin fools right now.  He has thoroughly outclassed the opposition big men in three straight matchups.  Yeah, it wasn’t Russell, Chamberlain, and Thurmond he was facing, but he can only beat down that which is in front of him.

And Delfino has been awesome.  He’s nailing threes and did you see that finger roll he conjured late in the fourth quarter?  Beautiful stuff.

Finally, bravo to Scott Skiles.  If guys don’t produce, or if they don’t have their faces right on the defensive end, he sits them down immediately, irregardless of salary or management committment.  That’s what you want a coach to do, and that’s what he does.  Its the truest sign of a thoroughbred.

3 Responses to “Gooden, doghouse meet in record time”

  1. Dan Says:

    From just simple observation, it seems like Gooden takes way too many “shit shots.” He keeps taking shots from a couple feet inside the 3-point line, which makes no sense to me, especially for someone with his size.

    • Colin Says:

      He was making those in the preseason…against guys who are bagging groceries now. Hope we don’t have another Gadzuric on our hands – ok as long as he doesn’t shoot, but won’t stop shooting.

  2. Chicago Tim Says:

    Gooden can play well for stretches, and then just seems to lose focus or interest or something. I’m sure it frustrates the heck out of someone like Skiles, who made the most of his limited athletic ability when he played. Gooden is good enough that teams keep signing him, and frustrating enough that they keep trading him or letting him sign elsewhere. Nine teams in nine years!

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