Milwaukee Bucks through 2 games

Below is what the Milwaukee Bucks Win Chart would look like after 82 games if the minutes played and production that we have seen in the first two games continued through a 19730 minute season.

The reason I present the performance numbers this way is because at this stage of the season the actual win numbers are too small to comprehend.  By doing this, however, I am not in any way suggesting that the results presented here are the results we are likely to see at the end of the season. (I sure as hell hope not!)  Rather, I just want you to have an identifiable way to analyze the performances we have seen so far.

As you can see, some of them have been quite bad.  (Memo to Ersan:  the regular season started last Wednesday.)

Milwaukee Bucks Extrapolated Win Chart (after 2 games)
1. Carlos Delfino…(+3.91)…..13.4__(-1.9)
2. Andrew Bogut…(+3.93)…..12.8__(-1.9)
3. Drew Gooden…(+2.09)…..7.6__1.2
4. Corey Maggette…(+1.42)…..6.4__1.8
5. Luc Richard Moute…(+0.00)…..1.6__1.5
6. Larry Sanders…(-3.00)…..0.0__2.6
7. Jon Brockman…(-5.14)…..(-0.9)__3.3
8. Earl Boykins…(-8.73)…..(-2.7)__5.3
9. John Salmons…(-5.33)…..(-3.7)__13.0
10. Keyon Dooling…(-7.86)…..(-4.1)__9.1
11. Brandon Jennings…(-4.89)…..(-4.2)__17.1
12. Ersan Ilyasova…(-16.00)…..(-9.0)__13.0
Extrapolated 82 Game Record:  17.2__64.8
Extrapolated Pythagorean Record:  19.3__63.7

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