Milwaukee Bucks Win Chart through Game 3

After 3 games, the Milwaukee Bucks are now 1-2.  In order to chart the win contributions from each player, I have taken each player’s production and minutes played and projected it over a 19780 minute season, which is the NBA average team minutes per season. 

Once again, the reason I do this is for ease of understanding, not because I believe this is how the team will finish.  If I presented the numbers to you based upon 720 minutes of action, they would be incomprehensible.

The first number in parenthesis is the player’s Marginal Win Score per 48 minutes.  The second set of numbers represent the wins and losses I would credit each player with if his percentage of minutes and level of production remained constant over the entire 19780 minute season.  The “projected” record at the bottom is simply the sum of MWS48 wins and losses.  The pythagorean record comes from 

Milwaukee Bucks extrapolated Win Chart
1. Andrew Bogut…..(+5.06)…..15.4__(-4.1)
2. Carlos Delfino…..(+3.83)…..14.4__(-1.9)
3. Luc Richard Moute…..(+3.17)…..6.3__(-0.3)
4. Drew Gooden…..(-0.18)…..3.5__3.9
5. Corey Maggette…..(-0.69)…..3.0__4.9
6. Brandon Jennings…..(-2.48)…..1.1__12.1
7. Jon Brockman…..(-1.38)…..0.8__2.2
8. John Salmons…..(-2.57)…..0.6__9.5
9. Larry Sanders…..(-3.20)…..0.0__1.7
10. Earl Boykins…..(-3.18)…..(-0.1)__4.0
11. Keyon Dooling…..(-10.18)…..(-4.6)__8.4
12. Ersan Ilyasova…..(-15.36)…..(-6.0)__8.8
MWS48 Projected Record:  34.4__47.6
Pythagorean Projected Record: 35.5__46.5  

2 Responses to “Milwaukee Bucks Win Chart through Game 3”

  1. Blake Says:

    Andrew Bogut is dominant. Camby doesn’t stand a chance tomorrow.

    I hope…

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