Chicago Bulls Win Chart through Game 3

Unlike the Milwaukee Bucks, the Bulls are directly on the path that I thought they would take.  After 3 games the Bulls are 2-1, and their extrapolated 82 game win path is 52.8 wins and 29.2 losses (according to MWS48) or 51.9 wins and 30.1 losses (according to Pythagorean calculation).  That’s about what I projected for them.  They had a huge win last night over the very tough Portland Trailblazers. 

Below is the Chicago Bulls win breakdown.  I did the same thing I did with the Bucks, stretching each player’s performance and minutes so far over an 82 game, 19780 minute season.  As you can see, despite the massive amount of shots he’s taken, PG Derrick Rose is not the team leader in wins produced.

Chicago Bulls extrapolated 82 Game Win Chart
1. Joakhim Noah…..(+4.20)…..16.6__(-2.9)
2. Derrick Rose…..(+0.79)…..7.7__4.4
3. Keith Bogans…..(+1.28)…..6.1__2.4
4. Taj Gibson…..(+1.15)…..5.8__2.5
5. Kyle Korver…..(+1.01)…..4.5__2.2
6. Luol Deng…..(-0.81)…..4.3__7.4
7. James Johnson…..(+2.40)…..3.1__0.3
8. Omar Asik…..(+0.54)…..3.0__2.0
9. Brian Scalabrine…..(-0.32)…..1.9__2.3
10. Ronnie Brewer…..(-1.71)…..0.7__2.5
11. Kurt Thomas…..(-4.00)…..(-0.1)__0.8
12. CJ Watson…..(-4.10)…..(-0.8)__5.1
MWS48 projected record:  52.8__29.2
Pythagorean projected record: 51.9__30.1

3 Responses to “Chicago Bulls Win Chart through Game 3”

  1. Chicago Tim Says:

    Does “their extrapolated 82 game win path” take into account the return of Boozer?

    I expect Watson and Brewer to improve, based on previous years. I also expect Deng to improve, as he started to do last night. It’s possible that Thomas got old all of a sudden. It’s also possible that he just won’t get minutes, since Asik is playing well.

    I don’t understand Coach T’s love affair with Scalabrine, but he did only get a few minutes last night, which is an improvement. I was very encouraged that he put Asik and Johnson in before Scalabrine.

    If the Bulls don’t take NY lightly they should win, then we’ll see how they do in Boston in a back-to-back game. I’m not counting on them winning, but I do want to see them put up a fight. I know Coach T wants to do well in front of his old team, and maybe he can teach the Bulls a few tricks.

  2. tywill33 Says:

    No!! Boozer was not considered. This is not a projection. I was afraid people were going to assume that.

    Here’s what I did. Lets say Rose has played 12% of the 720 player minutes available so far. I just stretched that out to an entire season — 19780 minutes — and calculated his numbers over 2373 minutes (that’s not actual, just an example).

    Why did I do that? Because if I calculated the numbers for three games, I would get fractions that are very small. They would be incomprehensible. So I blew the numbers up to 82 games to make them a little more understandable.

  3. Blake Says:

    With Boozer out for about 2 months i’m HOPING the Bulls can finish with about 48-50 wins. That could give the Bucks a chance to win the Central.

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