Bucks adjusted numbers look horrible

I’m working on an adjusted efficiency NBA Power Ranking.  I calculated  the Bucks numbers.  Through six games, the Bucks defense is good, but the offense is not.  The Bucks are currently scoring -8.0 points per game less than the rest of the NBA would have scored against the same schedule and given the same number of possessions.  But, the Bucks are allowing -1.2 points less using the same measurement.  So that’s a tiny bit of good news.

Still though, the Bucks overall adjusted differential is a vomit inducing -6.8, which would project to a season record of around 25 wins and 57 losses.  That would be a disaster.

More analysis to follow.  I’ve been really busy this week, hence the few number of posts, but I’m going to try to play catch up.


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