Bucks missing from everywhere

I just looked at the Bucks shooting percentages for each game from the five zones to try to detect where they might be particularly weak.  The answer is nearly everywhere.

I took each zone individually.  The zones we have data for are: (1) at the rim; (2) 10 feet and in; (3) 10-15 feet; (4) 16-23 feet; and, (5) 3 point shots.

The Bucks have shot an above average percentage from each corresponding zone in the given percentage of games:

(1) 33%

(2) 33%

(3) 16%

(4) 33%

(5) 50%

So the only zone in which the Bucks have even been respectable is the three point shot zone.  And they’re no sharpshooters from there either.

What’s the deal?  I don’t know.  The scariest answer is that they signed a bunch of old guys last off-season who have all contracted “Trevor Hoffman Syndrome”, the disease of ineffectiveness that strikes nearly all aging players at some point and normally when it strikes it strikes suddenly and without warning.

But I don’t want to go there right yet.  The implications are too depressing.  For now let’s just call it a “collective slump”.

A massive “collective slump”.



3 Responses to “Bucks missing from everywhere”

  1. Blake Says:

    Well I do believe that the 2001 playoff squad started the season 1-5 and then 3-9 until figuring things out. Plus we looked good in that Celtics game, I think we’re starting to finally gel.

  2. Redhopeful Says:

    Probably doesn’t help that they faced the Hornets twice and Celtics once.

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