Milwaukee Bucks: This season vs. Last season

Below are some interesting comparisons in various statistical categories between this season’s Milwaukee Bucks and last season’s Milwaukee Bucks.

The first statistic listed in each category is this season’s statistic, while the second listed statistic in each category is last season.

Admittedly its kind of a hodgepodge of categorical data.  That’s because it consists solely of statistics that I thought were interesting.  You will notice that I included very few “opponent” statistics in my analysis, and the is for a reason.  Most of the “opponent” statistics are similar to last season’s statistics.  Meaning, the Bucks are doing okay on the opponent end of the court.  Its on their own end where there have been dramatic declines.  In fact, the only improvement of n0te is that the Bucks are getting to the foul line at a much better rate.

In my opinion the statistical comparison that holds the highest significance is the “Assists per made FG”% category.  The stark decline in that area suggests perhaps  the Bucks are doing too much “self-creating” on the offensive end.  Obviously, everyone loves players who can “get their own shots”, but unless those players have the first name Kobe or LeBron,  players who rely too much on one-on-one basketball tend to bog a team down by dribbling the leather off the ball, by settling for low percentage shooting opportunities, and by refusing to move the defense with the pass.

Fastbreak Points per game
Scoring by Quarter
Bucks Block %
Opponent Block %
Bucks Steal %
Bucks Turnover %
Bucks Assists per made FGs
Bucks 2 pt shooting %
Bucks 3 pt shooting %
Bucks FT Rate

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