Milwaukee Bucks Win Chart (7 games)


Tonight I unleash the first partial Marginal Win Score win chart for the Milwaukee Bucks 2010-11 season (its below this post, I haven’t started a full Win Chart on Google Docs quite yet).  The numbers are not pretty, as you would expect when the team has lost 5 of its first seven games.

When reading the chart, the first number next to each player is the player’s Marginal Win Score per 48 minutes of action, the second number is  the number of wins I credit him with producing so far this season, and the third number is the number of losses I credit him with producing.

The inaugural win chart is not a pretty sight for fans of the Green and Cardinal.  With the exception of Andrew Bogut, who is currently playing at an all-star level, no Bucks player is exceeding expectations.  On the other hand, many of the Bucks are playing well below expectations.

Leading that crowd would be sophomore Brandon Jennings, who is struggling on both ends of the court.  Point guards are producing very well against him, and with the exception of the night he had a triple double, he is not producing well against them.  Its quite a contrast from the fast start he experienced last season (if you click here you can see the much better numbers he had after almost exactly the same number of minutes played).

Carlos Delfino got off to a very fast start, but history said he would not keep that up, and he has not.  Over the last three games his MWS48 has slid back to the level I expected it to be at, around +1.30 or so.

Besides Jennings, Ersan Ilyasova has also been disappointing, though he’s starting to show signs of stabilization after an extremely poor start.

None of the veterans the Bucks acquired last summer are playing well.  John Salmons appears to be improving, but Corey Maggette and Drew Gooden have been awful.  Jon Brockman has been less than expected as well.

Rookie Larry Sanders appears to be an afterthought.  He played only 4 minutes last week, despite Andrew Bogut being out of the lineup for one of the games.

Milwaukee Bucks Win Chart
1. Andrew Bogut…(+3.71)…….1.0__(-0.1)
2. Carlos Delfino…(+1.30)…….0.7__0.3
3. Luc Richard Moute…(+0.72)……..0.4__0.2
4. John Salmons…(-1.58)…….0.2__0.7
5. Earl Boykins…(-0.33)…….0.0__0.1
6. Jon Brockman…(-1.63)…….0.0__0.2
7. Drew Gooden…(-2.57)…….0.0__0.6
8. Corey Maggette…(-2.60)…….0.0__0.6
9. Brandon Jennings…(-2.82)…….0.0__1.0
10. Keyon Dooling…(-3.37)……..0.0__0.4
11. Larry Sanders…(-3.23)……..0.0__0.1
12. Ersan Ilyasova…(-3.64)……..0.0__0.5
Marginal Win Score Record:  2.3 wins and 4.7 losses
Pythagorean Record:  2.6 wins and 4.4 losses

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