NBA uniform rant (I can’t hold back anymore)

I know I’m on the wrong side of history with the following opinion, but I do not care.  I can’t take it anymore!


First of all, I cannot stand the modern “Fab Five” cowabunga shorts.  They look awful.  Awful.  And this might be racist, but white guys look particularly dorky in those ridiculous things.  It looks like drapery.  Who thinks these kind of shorts are cool?  The only player I can think of who looks even halfway cool in the drapery shorts is Kobe Bryant.

Now I’m not saying the NBA should go back to the short shorts of the Byron Scott Era.  No way.  But what about the Michael Jordan shorts circa 1991?  Why on Earth did teams ever go away from that?  Even Jordan looked bad in cowabunga shorts.

Point Two:  Have you noticed these new weird collars they’ve installed on the jerseys?  Oh my God, I cannot stand that look.  I just noticed it last night.  Every time a Bucks player went to the line, I got madder and madder.  The new collar looks so “foo-foo”.  Why would the NBA go with that look?  I mean, what was wrong with the classic circular collar look?  This new look collar belongs in soccer or the WNBA, not men’s pro basketball.

End of uniform rant.

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