2010-11 Rookie Rankings

Below is my first rookie rankings for this season.  To qualify, the rookie must have played at least 100 minutes and must have been selected in this summer’s draft or must be named Blake Griffin (if you want me to include foreign newcomers, please mention in the comments, but I’m not going through every roster).

Anyway, I need to eat some major, major crow.  Let’s just put it this way.  Everyone I said would be good is either mediocre or outright sucks.  Most everyone I thought would be bad is doing well.   And at the top of the list is the surprise frontrunner, Landry Fields of the New York Knicks, who is having a great season. 

Oh, and Blake Griffin isn’t going to win MVP.  In my defense, you have to write something in October so the temptation is always there to take a little evidence and make a grandiose statement.  It burns me most everytime and I never learn.

John Wall is playing pretty well, and Derrick Favors, after a terrible preseason, looks very good.  Xavier Henry is, so far, really awful.

Rookie Ranking
Marginal Win Score
per 48
Win Contribution
1. Landry Fields, NYK
2.4 +2.72 +0.310
2. John Wall, Wash
1.0 +0.80 +0.129
3. Derrick Favors, NJN
4.4 +1.29 +0.108
4. Blake Griffin, LAC 4.2
+0.58 +0.082
5. Armon Johnson, Port
1.0 +1.18 +0.056
6. Eric Bledsoe, LAC
1.0 +0.43 +0.052
7. Farouq Al Aminu, LAC 
+0.62 +0.038
8. DeMarcus Cousins, SAC
-0.16 -0.014
9. Paul George, Ind
2.9 -0.78 -0.043
10. Evan Turner, Phi
-1.21 -0.143
11. Greg Monroe, Det
-3.19 -0.184
12. Gordon Hayward, Utah
2.9 -4.14 -0.183
13. Wesley Johnson, Minn
2.5 -1.84 -0.222
14. James Anderson, SA
3.2 -5.04 -0.244
15. Xavier Henry, Mem 
2.4 -7.57 -0.362
Win Contribution Index:  MWS48 * (minutes played/ total team minutes)
MWS48:  (Player’s WS48 – Counterpart Opps WS48) / 2
WS48:  (Pts + Rebs + Stls + .5Ass + .5Blks – FGAs – TOs – .5FTAs – .5PFs) / minutes played * 48
Counterpart Opps:  The collective average of the players on the opponent teams who played the same postion at the same time as the given player
*All statistical information needed for calculations taken from 82games.com and Basketball-Reference.com

6 Responses to “2010-11 Rookie Rankings”

  1. Chicago Tim Says:

    This list of rookies is not complete, is it? For example, where is the Bulls’ Omer Asik?

  2. Around the WOW week 4 « Arturo's Silly Little Stats Says:

    […] Rookies:2010-11 Rookie Rankings […]

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